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Fashion Photographer James Santiago at


As a former model, I understand the efforts to get great looking photographs and unique marketing products for your brand which is YOU!

One Of the Best Photographers in Miami and Los Angeles for Modeling Portfolios, Editorial, Catalog, & Influencers, Orbed Studios is now home to James Santiago as our resident photographer. He works in editorial, magazine, test shoots, portfolio development, and catalog photography. Everyone involved in each photo session brings an awesome atmosphere to the shoot. It is important that this is second only to creating great photographs while remaining professional. It’s just fashion, so let’s have fun with this!

Bringing out anyones photogenic potential no matter what their experience level.

Top modeling agencies in Miami, are in search of models who can get different looks in their pictures. Models have always helped fashion photographers to capture great images. Because it is easy to buy digital cameras, there are many photographers whom expect the model to do all the work. Every model needs to start somewhere. Fashion designers who work with professionals don’t have time to train models. Modeling agencies must help a model to get experience. They send them on test shoots so they can build their books and get experience in front of the camera.


Fashion magazine editorial spread depicting a fashion model on a yacht wearing a nautical stripped swimsuit by H&M
IncludedPortfolio Development

Before putting together a modeling portfolio, it is important to know what type of modeling that the model is best suited for. A portfolio of a freelance model may include a variety of different types of photos, while a portfolio of a agency represented fashion model would have a completely different set of images. A model should set realistic goals from the beginning of their careers to avoid any setbacks or disappointments due to the fact that they may be attempting to enter a sector of modeling that they may not have the chance to break into.