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swimsuit model poses on the beach in Miami wearing a white bikini

Miami Swimwear Photographer

James Santiago is a full-service swimwear photographer who is involved in every point of the swimwear photography production. James is known for his creative approach to every shoot, focusing on promoting the swimwear and brand. He examines every element of the photo shoot to guarantee that the final result is precise. As a photographer, former model, and former agent, he’s managed top swimwear fashion campaigns, runway shows, and worked with top names in fashion. James manages everything from pre-production to final editing of images and videos. Campaign ideas come to life when he focuses on telling a story through photography. James takes a fun approach to creating swimsuit photos and videos that capture the campaign theme in a perfect environment in every session. James works in such a way that his customers trust him to take care of all the technical details during the photo shoot. He picks his team carefully to make sure they meet his exact standards. His easygoing personality and dedication to making his clients happy have made him one of the top swimsuit photographers.

James will take some great photos and videos using the background to show off the swimwear. James uses all kinds of lighting schemes and angles to get the most out of his photos. His team will manage every part of the process with expertise, from scouting models to last-minute details. James’ creative direction focuses on how a swimsuit looks and feels to wear. To take the perfect swimwear photo, a photographer needs to master his art and technique. Personality and attitude are really important for a photo, especially when working with a model. James works to keep the energy high, maintain a natural look to the images, and stay true to the brand and campaign. He’s super versatile, shooting a variety of looks, from serious and sexy to fun and edgy. He will scout locations and handpick makeup artists and hair stylists. James has the perfect eye for swimwear photography, having shot ad campaigns and catalogs for swimsuit brands for years. Clients always want to do something different to promote their brands. James Santiago Photography works hard to provide a seamless process, leaving every client, model and campaign well attended.

His reputation as a superior photographer in the fashion and swimwear industry of Miami has allowed him to establish himself as one of the best. Check out James Santiago’s swimwear photographers portfolio, or contact him today to learn how he can help your swimsuit photography project.

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